We can promote you with kick-ass Funny Fitness videos for Youtube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine.

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Many of our videos have over 5,000 views and some over 100,000.

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• We can demonstrate, review, and discuss your products or service.

(Supplements, Equipment, Clothing, Accessories, Training, and more)

• We can promote you in OUR videos or produce videos FOR YOU.

These videos send fitness related traffic TO YOU!


We Make You A Great Video

• Fun and informative video that your audience will WANT to watch!

• Create the right message for your intended audience

• Design multiple versions of your video ideal for different platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Vine etc.)


We Reach Your Ideal Customers

• We target your video to reach your ideal customers

• We send people to directly to your website to buy

• Surprisingly cheaper than most other forms of advertising.  We’re talking pennies per view!


We Get Your Video To Top In Youtube Search Results

• In Youtube, people find you easily and before they find your competition

• This continues to benefit you throughout time at no extra cost

• Your video has higher chances of being found high in a Google Search

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Here is what some clients had to say.

Raw Barrel Supplement Company
The guys at Jokestrap are truly amazing at video marketing. I simply sent them my product to promote and they created a funny, professional and informative video. After only 2 weeks it got to the first spot in YouTube for our main keyword and after only 1 month it had over 20,000 views and had increased our sales by a significant 3%. We will certainly be working with them again soon, they rock! - Arthur, Raw Barrel
 Arthur Billington Raw Barrel
Fitness Brokers USA
Unleash The Media continues to increase our business by getting us thousands of online video views and by dominating Youtube search results for our fitness related products.
Gladu Wrecking & Recycling

Our funny videos by Jokestrap get tons of awareness for our business and what we do.  Lots of people recognize me from the videos while I’m out locally and usually comment with funny catch-phrases from the videos.  I had an absolute blast working with these guys! They’re funny and down to earth and who wouldn’t want to be in such a funny video and memorable video.  I’m going to keep doing these videos because everyone wants to see them. It’s a great way to keep my business in everyone’s heads. People love it!

David Gladu - Owner